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Useful phrases – swearing

We all did it at school, huddled round dictionaries in the playground or

before interminable French or German lessons started, looking up naughty

words like ‘willy’ or ‘fanny’. Well, now CMC saves you the effort of

searching for swearwords, profanities, scatological phrases and words that

your gran would frown upon by gathering together a selection for your

delectation. And don’t tell me you’re not curious…

Note: If you are of a sensitive disposition, please do not read on. And

certainly don’t email me telling me that Welsh is a ‘pure’ language or the

language of heaven and therefore should not be sullied by such profanities.

If you can show me a Welsh speaking adult who doesn’t fuck in Welsh, then

I’ll show you someone who needs to get out more.

Source: All these phrases were collected from members of the CMC email list

or visitors to CMC so may reflect local dialects. If you have any swearwords

that you would like to add to this collection, please do email them to us.


v – verb

n – noun

npl -plural noun

a – adjective

vp – verb phrase (e.g. ‘shitting bricks’)

np – noun phrase (e.g. ‘damp squib’)

i – idiomatic phrase

word/phrase meaning

biji-bo (n) penis

bogal jobio (v) to have gay sex

bustachu (v) a bustach is a castrated bull so to bustachu is to have sex

without danger of impregnating your partner

bwchio (v) to fuck

cachgi (n) lit. shit-dog = coward

cachiad (n) shit

cachu (v) to shit

cachu iar chicken shit

cachu planciau (vp) lit. shitting planks = to be terrified

cael cachiad (vp) to have a shit

calar (n) penis/cock (from the Mabinogion)

cedor (n) pubic hair

ceilliau (npl) testicles

cer i grafu (i) lit. go to scratch = go to hell

cerpyn jam (np) tampon (from Wrecsam)

cetors (npl) pubic hairs

cig a llysiau (i) lit. meat and two veg = male genitals

cnych (n) fuck

cnychu (v) to fuck

codiad (n) erection

cont (n) cunt (but in Caernarfon “iawn cont” is considered a warm greeting)

corris (n) cunt

cryniadur (n) vibrator (not to be confused with Crynwr – Quaker)

cwd (n) scrotum (also in Caernarfon, “S’mae cwd” is a greeting)

dim gwerth rhech dafad (i) lit. not worth a sheep’s fart = worthless

disgleirio/sgleinio fel ceilliau ci (i) lit. to shine like a dog’s testicles

= the dog’s bollocks

dos i chwarae efo dy nain (i) go play with your granny = fuck off

fel rhech jet (i) lit. like a jet’s fart = like a damp squib

ffwrch (n) fuck, or can refer to a vagina

ffwrcho (v) to fuck

ffyc (n) fuck

ffycio (v) to fuck

haliad hallt (n) salty wank

jini ffernac (n) tampon

lembo (n) idiot

llawes goch (np) lit. red sleeve = woman’s genitalia

mae hi wedi cachi arna i (i) lit. it’s shit on me = I’m buggered/I’m for the


malu cachu (vp) lit. mincing shit = talking nonsense

mewn cachiad (i) lit. in a shit = to do something more quickly than

something done ‘mewn dau gachiad’

mewn cachiad chwanan (i) lit. in a flea’s shit = to do something more

quickly than something done ‘mewn cachiad’

mewn cachiad nico (i) lit. in a goldfinches shit = to do something quickly

mewn dau gachiad (i) lit. in two shits = to do something quickly

min dwr (np) lit. watery hard on = an erection you get when you’re very


paid â chodi pais wedi pisio (i) lit. don’t lift your petticoats after

you’ve pissed = don’t cry over split milk

pen pidlan gawsog (i) lit. cheesy head of a penis = cheesy nob end

pen-coc (n) dick head

pidin tarw (np) lit. a bull’s penis = dickhead

pis (n) piss

pisio (v) to piss

pisio bwrw (np) lit. pissing rain = heavy rain

pisio cath (np) lit. cat piss = French currant bush (plant)

pisio glaw (np) lit. pissing rain = heavy rain

piso (v) to piss

piso dryw (np) lit. wren’s piss = a weak drink (e.g. tea)

piso dryw bach yn y môr (i) lit. wren’s piss in the sea = a drop in the


piso gwidw (np) lit. widow’s piss = a weak drink (e.g. tea)

putain (n) prostitute

putainfeistr (n) pimp

pwdin blew (np) lit. hairy pudding = female genitalia

rhech mewn potel, rhech mewn potel bop (i) lit. fart in a bottle, fart in a

bottle of pop = insignificant thing or action, like ‘fart in a jacuzzi’.

rhyw (n) sex

rhywiol (a) sexual

sach/au bach (n) condoms (from Merthyr)

saim serch (n) lit. love grease = love juice

sguthan (n) harridan, bitch

shinach (n) sly bastard

siani (n) female genitalia

silffo (v) to get off with someone

sioncen (n) fanny

slebog (n) slag, loose woman

spwng dorth (np) lit. spunk loaf = Arctic roll (spongecake with ice-cream


swydd chwythiant (np) blow job

tafod bach (n) G-spot

twll dy din (vp) bugger off

twll tin (n) arsehole

y cachwr (np) lit. the shitter = shithead

y cedor lama (np) lit. the llama’s pubic hair = wanker

y coc oen (np) lit. the lamb’s cock = dickhead

yn twll tin Ifan saer (i) lit. in Ifan the carpenter’s arse = sarcastic

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