On first hearing the Tall Poppies you’re struck by their sound. Yes, there is many a female singer out there at the moment, but the main thing that hit me was how familiar their sound is.

Having grown up listening to Kate Bush & Joni Mitchell, the first thing you hear is how alike they sound to early Kate – Wuthering Heights spring to mind immediately.

To help introduce you into the world of Tall Poppies, here are some things you need to know:

•    Their Twin Sisters Susan and Catherine Hay.

•    Backed by German drummer girl Milena and Irish Violin Maestro Dairmuid.

•    They play well crafted melodic songs drenched in dual harmonies, singing stories of the strange and unusual.

•    The twins relocated to London from Australia & were nearly attempted mugging outside their front door on the night of their arrival.

•    Having released their first album in Australia they have since recorded their second album ‘All the Rave’ in the UK.

•    They’ve toured the UK, played festivals such as 2000 Trees and have also played in Germany and Australia.

•    They have played alongside names such as Stornoway and Boy George.

They play this Saturday too, if you get the chance, pop down to London WC1 and enjoy;

17th September 2011 Tin Pan Alley Festival, 12 Bar, Denmark St, WC1 7:45pm

You can find them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tallpoppies or Twitter http://twitter.com/TheTallPoppies