Just before the games began, I blogged about what I thought it would mean.

16 days and many medals later for Team GB… what a games it’s been.

Having been to the football 4 times – and seeing the gold medalists play at the Millennium Stadium, it was kind of strange on Friday night walking out from there thinking that was it. Yes, okay it was only football and as some people suggest football shouldn’t be part of the games – even though it is team sport that has been longest in the games.

Welsh medal hopes went quite well – some extraordinary ones – Jade Jones in Twaekwondo, just brilliant!

There are probably too many memorable moments to list, from that opening ceremony with the Queen and James Bond, to that 45 minute period on Super Saturday when Jess, Mo and Greg all won Gold – and TeamGB football had to blow it at the Millennium Stadium with penalties – who have thought that huh. A British team losing on pens…

I’m not even going to try and remember all the medalists, the most since 1908… when obviously there were only 6 countries taking part ;)

Everyone talks about legacy – what will that be for London 2012?

All I hope is that people start looking at what people they look to for inspiration. Forget your reality tv lot and people who frequent the pages of OK or Heat magazine.

Inspire a generation was the tagline… and that will be the legacy.

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Now bring on the Paralymic Games