From a report by @broradiomartin on Bro Radio – 24/10/12 (Please share and get this story out there – Barry Town Football Club need you!)

The future of Barry Town Football club is hanging
in the balance this lunchtime as Club chairman
Stuart Lovering has also become Club Secretary
with the ability now to withdraw the club from the
Welsh Football League, ultimately stopping them
from existing.

The Barry Town Supporters Committee has been
running Barry Town football since May 2011 after
Mr Lovering effectively washed his hands of it.

After a few wobbles, the team and committee
stabilized and got stronger and the start of the
current season has been excellent for them.

A crowd of 2,000 were at Jenner park for the
Barry Town / Cardiff City friendly and with the
assistance of the council the pitch is looking
as good now as it has at any point since
the 'professional' era of old.

The football is the BTSC's commitment, and the
BTSC has made a success of it. The players'
loyalty has been incredible

They currently lie 2nd in League. A tremendous
story of, when given over to passionate
supporters, how far a club can go.”

I spoke earlier with the Secretary for the Welsh
Football League.

The club state that it's about the 8th time in 9
years they have had to deal with something like
this, yet this time, there can be no 'it's losing
money' statement from the chairman.

We tried to contact Mr Lovering but he is
currently unavailable for comment.