Oh dear.

You have an opinion on Twitter and then get a lovely load of abuse. I’ve screen grabbed all the tweets, my own included, just in case the parties wish to delete their verbals – or for some reason their accounts get banned ;)

All I said was…



And then I got…



Now, you maybe thinking, fair enough. If I’m obvious enough to tweet about something based on rumour, fine. But I didn’t just take the word of The Sun. Just by googling, it came up with an impressive 20 articles from various other media sources but my favourite of all came from Holy Moly; http://www.holymoly.com/music/news/10-incidents-led-james-arthur-being-dropped-syco69014

I’ve taken to not reading just one newspaper as I’m not oblivious to the fact that the way stories are written are for a certain angle, not just to inform. But by reading several sources it allows me to make my own opinion about the facts of the story.

Let’s get back to the crux of this post – my lovely replies on twitter ;)

This is a right to reply as it were, it’ll deal with the tweets with no subterfuge;

1 He had a number 2 album (would’ve been number 1 if it wasn’t for Eminem)
Granted, a number two album (why am I giggling when I say he had a number two), is pretty good. But not with all the marketing and backing of one of the biggest masters of marketing and promotion. Surely anything less than a number one album is a fail? Or might the way that gets spun is that “James is a singles artist”. Well, that maybe true, but if an album is good, it will grow and sell more and end up at number one – Eminem or not.

2 He had a sold out European Tour.
20 dates in the UK at venues with capacity of about 5,000 max each. Not that difficult to sell out surely. Although in fairness, he had a bigger crowd at the Summertime Ball, something in the range of 60,000+. Yes, he had more for that one gig than the entire UK leg of his tour. Surprised that wasn’t brought up, come on “fans” sort your act out ;)

3 The Sun has made it all up.
Do a google search and refine that search to the last 24 hours (of April 7th 2014) and you’ll see it’s not just the Sun making it up. Unless of course other media organisations are reporting the facts based on that Sun story…? I refer you to the HolyMoly list talked about earlier.

4 Getting my facts straight.
Think I’ve covered that already

5 Being called a twat by a stranger.
Just love this one. Someone with nothing better to do has a search on everything #JamesArthur and then abuses anyone with a different opinion to themselves? Got to love a keyboard warrior.

6 Jumping on a bandwagon.
If you were such a big stalker of anything James, you’ll have seen a tweet I did ages ago. It’s also known within my real life friends group how much I “like” James. I think you’ll find the bandwagon is the one you’re on called Twitter. It’s how this thing works.

7 Name calling
See number five. When you start calling people names you lose any small amount of respect that your discussion had. It also shows a lack of education

Think that’s all the tweets covered. Never have I laughed out loud so much to twitter, so thanks for that cracking start to a dismal Monday morning