FacebookSocial media in finding missing people is brilliant. Let me just start with that statement before I go on and give the reason behind this post.

The downside? When people share news articles or photos of missing people who’ve long since been found – or worse, have died.

People just blindly share on social media (Facebook more so than any other) without reading the article, or when it was published.

If I could ask one thing of you today, read an article before you post it. You know that what fake news is? Well, technically you’re spreading fake news when you share an article that’s old – doesn’t matter if it’s 6 weeks or 6 years, it’s not really relevant to what I suppose you wish to share right now.

That aside, if you post something on social media – for example, you’re looking for someone – maybe they’re missing. When the situation changes, update your post – and then a few hours later, remove it. It’ll stop you receiving 100s of notifications whilst people continue to share your post, that is unless you feel the need to keep receiving notifications about something which impacted your life in such a way.

I realise this post sounds quite harsh, I don’t mean it to be, it’s just people use social media in such a way that they need to be educated in it’s etiquette (yes, there’s that too)