“Got you a big pint of that cat’s p*** that you young fellas seem to like so much”

“Your team was pausing the game but you went and gave away a penalty.”

“None of my people would plant evidence, they know I’d throw the book at them, followed by the book shelf.”

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey, can we just move this thing along before it drives us all round the bloody bend?”

“There’s only one thing I’m interested in and that is catching bent coppers.”

“Frankly son, right now, I couldn’t give a s***.”

“Go back to the coal face, the pair of you, unless you’ve got more egg-sucking tips for your granny.”

“You cheeky wee s***e, you.”

“Steve’s been an AC for almost a year now and every day has felt like a lifetime.”

“Now we’re sucking diesel.”

“For years, the security in this department has been watertight… then you come along, suddenly we’re leaking like a colander.”

“I was beginning to feel a wee bit like the ginger stepchild.”

“Look we’ve been round the houses, Steve, round the houses and down the bloody drains.”

“Mother of God!” 


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