So how did Bring the Noise come into being? well, about 2 years ago I was creating an ad to promo some business I was starting. The premise was I didn’t have equipment (DJ) so had to put over the idea of it was just me that was being hired.

I remembered watching Hot Fuzz, and a line in that grabbed me… “Bring the Noise” (Danny Butterman: Bring the noise!) as they out the blues and twos on and sped off…

With that I had an epiphany to use Bring the noise…. as in, “You bring the equipment, I’ll bring the noise” – As in, I’ll bring me & 40,000 songs :)

When I came back to radio back in 2010 after a hiatus of 18 months, what else could I use?

Meanwhile I’ve found several other people using Bring the Noise – I have borrowed their logo in the meantime, plus Public Enemy have a song with the same name…

So there you go – how our ideas were born

You bring the equipment….we’ll bring the noise…..