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Having always been a huge music fan from a young age, I first picked up a mic when I was just 8 or 9, the recordings still exist now (I’ve even been insane enough to convert them to mp3 and have on occasion played them out on the radio)

I’ve somewhat become a bit of a gig fanatic. Such is being a late starter (Robbie in 2001), there aren’t many artists I’ve not seen. Have also discovered I’m a lover of the arts – musical, theatre, stand up comedians – tended to get out a lot as you might have guessed.

Musicwise my knowledge is faultless- I’m a Poptart! And yes generally speaking leaning on the side of the mainstream scene – I’ve got every single Now album on CD that you can get ;)

Had a 18 month break from the radio till I ended up at BRO Radio in Barry (home of Gavin & Stacy) and that’s where I reside, having moved around the schedule (and working during a pandemic).

We also currently create podcasts – one for myself, Bring The Film, and Word From The Third.

So there ends, our profile/biog. A slight mix toward the self promotional aside of me (if any programme controllers are reading this – give me a shout – it’d be the best decision you’ll make this year)

A bit more about us

Back in the day, well 1992, this brand was created. I put together Something Or Other For A Sunday (cause that’s when the show was on the radio). Thus creating SooFaS. It served my purpose well till to be honest, I got bored! A new millennium gave me the chance to refresh everything, thus giving birth to Something Or Other For 2K. On January 1st 2004, a slight change was undertaken. In line with other future developments, a slight name change was called for. We then became Something or Other For United Kingdom or SooFUK – don’t I just love acronyms! SooF Productions evolved from this.


What’s your name? 
Patrick Downes

What do you do?
I’m the creator of SooF, radio presenter & producer, OfficialPoptart, company buyer for local company plus mild mannered Janitor (could be…)

What do you mean? 
Well, it’s a veiled reference to the Hanna Barbara cartoon called Hong Kong Phooey – he was fanrific

Hmmm, okay, tell me a bit about what you’ve achieved on the radio;
Okay, from about 1989 I did some tapes for friends in school, then onto hospital radio in 1991. I managed to blag my way onto Red Dragon in 1995. They needed someone to time the songs for a PRS survey, and a guy I knew from HR suggested me – yes, it’s his fault!
From then I did the usual tape op shifts, to tech op to finally one night in 1996 I did my first overnighter. There are no words to describe how it felt to be finally unleashed. From there I went onto Valleys Radio, until it closed in April 2009.

So what did you do there?
Anything & everything – Presenter, producer of music based programming & show features. In the past I’ve also been programmer/producer of dance shows, talk shows, consultant to a RSL, events organizer for OB with 10,000 people present. I’m also the voice of Rhondda Radio. Plus the Buyer at a local company

What kind of technology have you worked with, you seem to love gadgets?
Well as soon as I was born I was apparently trying to work the hospital equipment. Since 1982 though I’ve used every level of computer – Sinclair ZX’s, Commodores, and now PC’s. Software wise of late I use all the Microsoft packages & musically, Myriad, Soundscape, RCS Selector, Cool Edit Pro, Brian, BCX Playout, EncoDAD system, Minidisk, Diskcart, NAB Cart, Reel, Adobe Audition. Plus I’ve built my own PC and home network.

I think geek is the best way to describe you then?
No way!

Okay, what floats your boat
Hardworking people who don’t look for credit

And what makes you annoyed?
Two faced people (the names have been removed to protect the idiotic)

How do you like to chill
Cinema, live music & gigs, going out for a laugh, music, web design, cars & gaming.

Any favourite telly programmes?
Simpsons, Dr Who, Inbetweeners, IT Crowd, Gavin & Stacy

Any favourite films?
Star Wars, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Austin Powers, Superbad

You mentioned music, favourite artists?
Coldplay, Bastille, the 1975, Stereophonics, Michael Buble, Oasis, Queen, Manics, Robbie Williams, , Take That, all in all I suppose you’d call me an OfficialPoptart :)

And finally, your take on life, the universe & everything….
Enjoy life, live for the moment, regret little and don’t let the buggers get ya down

(No animals were harmed in the course of this interview)

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