Fourth single to be taken from her debut album “Who you are” is an autobiographical look on her school life. She claims she used to be bullied at school and called an ‘alien’ after pills she took for a heart condition turned her skin green.

The singer was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat aged 11 and even suffered a stroke when she was younger. Speaking to The Sun “‘It might be kinda funny now but it was horrific at the time. Kids at school nicknamed me Alien and they threw rocks at me”.

In the video itself she plays a bored teacher, a tattooed cleaner and blinged-up dinner lady. She said of the video: ‘Music is about making a change but also being able to laugh at yourself. I think this song tells a story a lot of people have been through and I hope it will raise awareness to the serious issue of bullying.’

It’s a video full of imagery that her core audience will appreciate and get. Even if you’re not a 13 year old girl, you’ll still understand what the video’s about – and maybe if it makes people think a little about how they treat each other, it’ll be another postive aspect of an artist who is now coming up to being in the mainstream lime light for 12 months.

The song isn’t as catchy as Price Tag, but it’s bound to be loved when Jessie kicks off her UK tour in Birmingham in October.


Video = 8, Song = 7