Heaven or Hell?

A Welshman stood at the Golden Gate his head bowed low,
He meekly asked the man of fate the way that he should go.

“What have you done” St. Peter said “To gain admission here”
“I merely mined for coal” he said, “for many a year”

St. Peter opened wide the gate and softly tolled the bell,
“Come and choose your harp” he said, you’ve had your share of hell.

The Coal Miners prayer.
By W.Calvert

Each dawn as we rise, lord we know all to well,
We face only one thing – a pit filled with hell.
To scratch out a living the best that we can,
But deep in the heart, lies the soul of a man.

With black covered faces, and hard calloused hands,
We work the dark tunnels, unable to stand.
To labour and toil as we harvest the coals,
We silently pray “lord please harvest our souls”.