REVIEW: @twinatlantic #cardiffsolus 19/4/12

People often ask why I go to so many gigs, and if I get free tickets for them. Well, yes I do get some freebies – but on the whole I pay my way. So to go to a gig and see a band that I’ve only really known one song was a bit of a risk and Thursday night in Cardiffthat “risk” was Twin Atlantic.

Only know them from the last single, Free, but what I heard, I liked and wanted to find out more about them. Did do a little bit of youtube’ing to get a better feel and took the plunge and bought tickets.

Best investment I’ve made in a while. Granted I’ve been out and about all week seeing musicals, and being on the radio so another night I wasn’t entirely sure I’d last the distance but with Twin Atlantic it was easy. They kept me and the throng at Cardiff Solus entertained for the best part of 90 minutes. Okay, so I couldn’t sing-along to it, but there were definite moments that you can imagine them on a bigger stage and filling it quite easily. Coldplay for example played a venue about 1/2 a mile away with a capacity of 200 just 12 years ago – and look where they are now!

I don’t want to do the comparison thing, but if you’re into certain bands, you’ll love Twin Atlantic for certain. Comparisons can be made with Biffy Clyro, and Muse – so if you like them, check out TA.

My friend who came with me didn’t know about them at all, but from the first guitar she was hooked – and it takes a lot to impress her let me tell you!

TA have been around for a while, and only now are they starting to shine through onto mainstream Radio 1, with Thursday night’s showing, they’ll be around for a while yet, and bigger and better things I can predict for them.

For me, although not having been a fan from the start, I can safely say I am now – and for you, you need this band in your life!


Yes, I Was Drunk

Time For You To Stand Up


Eight Days

Apocalyptic Renegade

CaribbeanWar Syndrome

What Is Light? Where Is Laughter?

The Ghost Of Eddie

Edit Me


Lost Ones

Human After All

Wonder Sleeps Here

We Want Better, Man


You’re Turning Into John Wayne (acoustic solo)


Make a Beast of Myself

Review by Patrick Downes