REVIEW: Phillip Glass & the Kronos Quartet – Dracula – The Music and movie – Wales Millienium Centre  27/5/12

The notion of having a soundtrack played live whilst the film played is not a new idea. Before the time of the “talkie”, it was a common thing to have music played as a backdrop to the action on screen.

Now in 2012, this idea returns and using Philip Glass’s score it breathes new life in the 1931 classic that starred Bela Lugsoi. With him performing were the Kronos Quartet  you’re taken back into a time without CGI special effects, colour, just leaving you with the classic tale of Nosferatu by Bram Stoker.

The score itself is brilliant, you really are taken within the film and it captures the mood perfectly. For those in the know (me, because I’m a little bit of a soundtrack geek), you can feel the influence of Philip Glass’s other scores, he composed the soundtrack to The Truman Show with Jim Carrey in the late 90’s.

It’s a rare thing to behold, and I’d advise you to take an opportunity if it arises to see a film shown with the live soundtrack, I for one am now crossing my fingers and toes for a night of John Williams’ score of Star Wars – the entire series!

Overall, far from sucking, Dracula, the Movie and Music is a spectacular spine tingling experience.