The first thing that hits you about this song are the levels – you just can’t hear her vocal at the very start. Then when it kicks in after about a minute it takes a life of its own. The song & video was written and recorded within 24 hours, and having heard it, my initial thought was – you can tell.  . Talking about the song on her blog, Kate said: “I believe it is important to push boundaries, to try new things, and not to re-create.” Read the full post here:

But delving a little deeper you start to realise that as an artist Kate’s really grown. Her biggest commercial success was with Foundations – a song who’s opening will be memorable to anyone who’s seen the Inbetweeners, but this, five years and 2 albums later, is the first track to be taken from her new album released later this year.

If Jack White wore a skirt – he’d make music that sounded this good. – To download the track for free