So on the eve of the Olympic opening ceremony I thought it time I blogged for the first time in ages – don’t ask how long but I’m sure Tony Blair was still the Prime Minster.

So here we are on the brink of the biggest show on earth being in our backyard. Now some may say, NIMBY – but me, although I’m not a huge sports-fan, I do have some appreciation for what it means. Yes, for the next two weeks, the telly will having nothing but sport on (you’ve only got 3 channels? Get back to 1981 where you belong then), and transport within London will be a nightmare (I don’t live there, so actually… don’t really care). But for a brief moment in time, the next 17 days will be filled with everyone coming together and supporting one cause. Doesn’t matter what sex, orientation, or skin tone you are (if you’re from Essex by the way, do you actually know what your skin tone is? Hello Spray tans r us, can I help you?)

We are home team, for the Olympics and then the Paralympics. Remember how everyone came together when the torch came to town? Well, the torch has now reached it’s destination, and we’re with it all the way. And yes, the football team might be a bone of contention with regard only English and Welsh FA’s players being a part of it (and the latter still under much duress), and yes, the Welsh players not seemingly singing “God save the Queen” – but let for now just enjoy it. There’s far too much going on in the world which is a bit rubbish.

Come on Team GB!

Oh, and before the Olympic torch becomes the Olympic flame….

If only….