Mumford and Sons – Whispers in the Dark

Straight from their success at the Grammy’s and the Brit’s – The Mumford’s release another single from Babel.

Can the boys keep the quality of the previous single releases? Is the Pope Catholic? (If you needed to query either of those, please desist reading the rest of this).

Song aside, the video is a clever four split screen affair, in a Peep Show style following each member, and ends as the curtain raises on a live show.

Although it’s track two on the second album, it’s been knocking around a bit since the latter part of 2011.

I’m probably a late starter to the world of Mumford having only really discovered them on the second single from Sigh no more. Since then I’ve followed what they’ve achieved and managed to see them live – which, ranks in my top 10 gigs (those who know, will realise having seen over 30 gigs in the past 18 month is a massive thing).

There’s already work on album number three with synth and electric guitar being muted. However they develop and move their sound, on this latest single’s performance, there shall be more converts to the cause of the Mumford!

Whispers in the Dark is a standard M&S song, quiet and slow verse, bursting into life in the bridge and chorus, which is what makes them live, something unique. Just when you think the gig is in a lull, it’s back with a bang, and WITD is no exception.

It might no set the singles chart alive, but it’ll prove helpful to boosting sales of Babel there’s no doubt about that!
(Originally written March 2013)