Avril Lavigne returns with a piece of pure indie pop.

She’s is set to return this summer with a new single, “Here’s To Never Growing Up,” due for release on 2nd June and co-written with fiancé Chad Kroeger. “Here’s To Never Growing Up” personifies the party-like atmosphere that existed in the studio during the recording of Avril’s 5th studio album.

Ignore the fact it’s co-written by the bloke from Nickelback, it’s actually quite good. And even now after one full exposure to the entire song, I can remember the hook. That’s either a good sign, or not – I mean, how quickly it veers into the listener’s ear and how quickly will people get fed up of it.

Listening, you can hear elements of the likes of Fun, Pink, Ke$ha and Rita Ora. That’s not a criticism, and it’s probably what will make this song one of the big tunes of Summer 2013, perfectly timed for all those end of school year parties.

The video is something quite smart too. You may remember recently being asked to submit yourself via an app, singing along to the song – that’s what the video is. It takes the concept of the single shot youtube karaoke video and utilizes it quite brilliantly – although not as good as Feeder’s Just a Day video – that was special!

It will be one of the bigger songs of the Summer. It’s already been released in the US and some of Europe, but in the UK we won’t get it officially until 2nd June. So in the meantime you’ll have to cope with just the video