Taken from: Get to the Front

1. Although the level of lighting may be out of your control when attending a gig, try to avoid snapping when it’s too dark. Don’t bother using a flash unless you are within about 6 feet, as it won’t reach!

Just remember, if you’re lucky enough to be at the front of the stage and using flash be considerate to other gig goers and the performers.

2. Think about what you want in your gig pic – is it you and a friend with the stage in the background or an awesome crowd shot?

3. Watch out for photo-bombers and always take more than one shot to make sure you have a good selection of images to choose from.

4. If you camera has the option, use spot metering, set a minimum shutter speed (about 1/60th of a second but not lower) and select a higher ISO.

5. Great atmosphere? Get people to join in for an epic group gig pic to remember!

6. Try and time your photo when the performers are standing still in the best light. Most lighting isn’t random, watch the lights and get in tune with the music, that’s what the lighting tech will be doing.