Yes, Christmas is still a few months away, but here’s a great way to help those less fortunate in life & those going through hard times.

The idea is really simple, you take a box or hamper & instead of opening the door to a chocolate or picture, you do the giving (or you can do both).

Each day, pop a food item into the box, so after 25 days you have an Advent Calendar box of items to donate to your local food bank or other good cause such as a women’s refuge or The Salvation Army for their Christmas Day Dinners. If you are animal mad, you could even do one for your local dogs / cats home.

It doesn’t have to be branded items & you don’t have to spend a fortune, you can do it either as a family / group / street or school / club – just thought it was a wonderful way of passing some good fortune on

You could start a little earlier than 1st December, so they can be taken to your chosen charities / food banks in time to be distributed before Christmas