image001The musical – not to be mistaken for Madagascar the country.

So, you’re probably aware of the film and its sequels and spin offs – no doubt if you’re a parent you’ll be very aware of them. But if you’re young or young at heart, you’ll probably be a fan

image002Featuring Matt Terry, him that won XFactor (and had Ed Sheeran write his winners song), as Alex the lion. It tells the tale through the medium of music of a group of animals wanting more than what they have. You have Melman, a hypochondriac giraffe, Marty, the wise cracking zebra (zee-bra or zebra) and Gloria, the Cardi B style hippo. Together they bring the story to life from New York’s Central Park Zoo to a shipwreck and being abandoned on the island that is Madagascar. Put into the mix a bunch of mafia style penguins, lemurs with a god complex, with you have

Probably fair to say it’s aimed at a certain demographic- BUT, like it’s film cousin, adults will appreciate the production too.image003

It’s colorful and with catchy numbers of throughout

Matt Terry’s voice as Alex is perfect, as is Hannah Victoria as Gloria. Both Posi Morakinyo and Connor Dyer are fresh out of theatre school and are ones to watch in the next few years.

Special mention to Kieran Mortell, King Julian. Pretty much stole the entire second act!

image005Yes, it does have “I like to move it” too – and as any 90s child will tell you, that’s a proper party tune on its own. Wrap that up with a talented cast and production and you have a perfect night out for all the family.

It’s one very cute and cuddly musical


Review by Patrick Downes


(Review first appeared on GetTheChance Wales