FACTS that make you WELSH: … Can you answer YES to THREE of the following?

  1. You were late because you were stuck behind a tractor
  2. Even though you’re fluent in Welsh the only sentence you know is ‘rydw i’n hoffi coffi’ thanks to Bryn on Gavin & Stacey
  3. You’re either called a ‘Gog’ or a ‘Taff’
  4. You say hear/here/ear/year in the same way
  5. Wales v. England in the Six Nations is the most important day in your year – FACT
  6. When people say they are going to a Spa you instantly think they’re going shopping
  7. Drinking Brains isn’t as weird as it sounds
  8. That coat is indeed my jacket
  9. You raise a small cheer when you see the “Croeso I Gymru” on the M4 or Welcome to Wales as you come down the hill from Ross into Monmouth.
  10. You’re a Welsh speaker but turn the pamphlet/leaflet over and read the English version anyway
  11. Your last name is one of the following: Williams, Gwynne, Bevan, Llewellyn, Morgan, John, Rees, Powell, Howell, Davies, Lewis, Thomas, Jones, Griffiths, Morris, Evans, James, Roberts, Jenkins, or Owen
  12. When you go abroad you have to explain to people where Wales is, and that it is most definitely not part of England
  13. You vote for anyone and everyone who’s Welsh in a TV talent show
  14. Hugh Pugh, Max Boyce and Derek the Weatherman are all TV personalities you recognize but no-one else does
  15. One of your friends has gone AWOL from school, because they have a Tractor Exam and/or helping on silage
  16. A village/town 3 miles away is described locally as being “just around the corner” or “just down the road”
  17. You don’t know the surnames of any of you friends; you refer to them instead as Dai the Milk, Will the Shop, Ron Top Road, or Mark Ty-Draw
  18. You remember watching Ivor the Engine, Will Quack Quack, Sam Tan and Super Ted
  19. The words ‘proper’, ‘tidy’, ‘never’, ‘like’ and ‘lush’ are used on a daily basis and everything ‘does my head in’
  20. You’ve used the phrase ‘I’ll be there now in a minute’ on several occasions
  21. You have to repeat yourself at least seven times because nobody understands your accent – even to your friends
  22. You read an English word with ‘ch’ or ‘ll’ in it and then read it the Welsh way in your head
  23. It’s ‘mam’ not ‘mum’
  24. You’ve been to at least 3 castles
  25. A cwtch is the answer to all of your problems

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