Having lived and worked in Torfaen for the last 5 years, it makes me smile to realise how seen I’ve been. 
My ethos has always been to make others look or sound good – supporting them, creating relevant content, and developing ideas for the benefit of the community. To paraphrase Reece Shearsmith “it is about yooou”. 
I don’t suffer fools and can always detect a fraud. Sometimes this has been a hard lesson learned along the way. 
The main take of this piece is that in developing a brand new organisation, I’ve been in the background, doing what I know what works (see ethos above). Now I’m front and centre again – feeling very proud of what we’ve achieved so far. 
From scratch we’ve set up a CIC, developed the ideas, met with stakeholders, created partnerships, applied for funding – and been successful. I say we because as Reece Shearsmith says “it’s not about yooou”. 
In due course I’ll explain more about Torfaen Talks CIC and #CommunityCorner but for now, the reaction I’ve been having to people learning about the project and that it’s me? Amazing 

Creator & Editor of SooF / Bring The Noise / Bring The Film / Torfaen Talks CIC