Here are three tips for creating clear graphics on social media:

1. Keep It Simple and Focused: Use a clean and minimalistic design to avoid clutter. Highlight the main message or call-to-action prominently, ensuring it stands out. Avoid using too many fonts, colors, or design elements that can distract from the core message.

2. Use High-Quality Images and Graphics: Ensure all images and graphics are high resolution to avoid pixelation and maintain professionalism. If you use text on images, make sure the font is legible against the background, using contrasting colors for better readability.

3. Optimize for Each Platform: Different social media platforms have varying optimal image dimensions. Tailor your graphics to fit these specifications to ensure they display correctly without being cut off or distorted. Use the recommended dimensions for each platform to maximize visual impact.

Following these tips can help create clear, engaging, and professional graphics that effectively communicate your message on social media.

The fourth tip is always make sure no typo’s (I’ve lost count how many graphics I’ve seen with simple misspellings).


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