My Adoption Part 8 – So much has changed

Previously, on my blog…

I’m now up to about now – actual July 2023!

In revisiting these posts, and not publishing them, and also now edited some of the previous posts since I realise a lot of the information isn’t mine to tell, which kind of contradicts previous posts and the thought process behind them.

I’ll always say, “This is my truth” – because that’s what it is, and across the last 18 months or so, I’ve learnt a lot more.

I’ve now met my birth family. Went to Ireland, met BM and half sister first, then my other siblings – sister, two brothers. Also, Aunty, an uncle and nephews and nieces.

I’d always wondered how it would feel meeting for the first time – to be honest, I’m still processing it all – in no small part to the fact we went in November 2022, in December 2022 I was ill and then spent 2 months in hospital with a serious medical incident. This is where this post kind of comes in. It’s been a while I know.

Lots has changed, that’s for sure, and slowly I’m starting to understand the mindset of BM. It’s also quite a strange thing when I’m talking with siblings, saying mum, because I already had a mam. There’s also the added “news just in”, being told about the possibility of me knowing my birth father, and in addition to that, him having a son with another woman, a half brother for me.

Looking back through these posts, the one theme running through them all is that feeling of wanting belonging. When you’re adopted, it’s the one thing that binds us all – wanting to be part of something, maybe just me then?

I do want to create a podcast and call it, This is my Truth. Granted it’s a bit of a take on the Manic Street Preachers album, but it’s also something that I’ve heard a lot of adoptees say. How it’ll sound and what will become of it, who knows.

So for now, this mini blog series is done, and I realise it feels like a rushed end of a film, but I suppose that’s how it’s been. I will revisit it one day, but for now;

Thanks for checking me out!


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